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“Thank you Cathy Erwin and Walkabout Harnesses, LLC for this awesome harness for our Chloe girl! Her arthritis makes getting up and walking more difficult these days. The harness makes it easy for us to help her! If any of my friends have need for this kind of assistance for your fur baby, I can't recommend them highly enough!!”

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Custom fit harnesses for your pet. Walkabout Harnesses are commonly used on animals with arthritis, hip displasia, spinal trauma and general fatigue. Plus they help prevent back injury to pet owners from lifting pets improperly.

The Original Walkabout Back End Harness. Holiday sale

The Walkabout Take 40% off today. Use discount code Holiday17 The Original Patented Walkabout Back End Harness has been recommended by veterinary and rehabi...

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Walkabout Front End Harness WINTER SALE

$12.00 OFF TODAY, USE DISCOUNT CODE FRONTLIFTS  AT CHECKOUT     Our front harnesses will keep your pet happy and mobile despite his or her injuries or age-r...

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Walkabout-Combo *SALE*

The Walkabout Combination Front and Back end harness used together or separately is a great way to get your entire dog moving Sale today! Take $30.00 of the ...

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These hand-held slings are lined with comfy fleece to support your pet with ease. The design and construction of the Walkabelly and Hoistabout provide the balance and support necessary for your pet to lead a more active life. Use of these products helps protect your back from injuries that often results from lifting and carrying heavy animals.

Walkabelly Support Sling Holiday Sale

  Take 30% off. Use discount code Winter17 at checkout These hand-held neoprene slings are lined with comfy fleece to support your pet when walking. The desi...

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  Walkabout's answer to the unsightly difficult to hold onto towel walking method. Have a Hoistabout on hand when you are in a hurry to get your furry friend...

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Our boots help prevent scrapes from dragging toes. Also helps stubborn wounds heal. Walkaboots and JAWZ hug the pet's paws and fit like a glove. Enabling your pet to run normally and not trip on a bulky shoe.

Walkaboots™ Holiday Sale

Take 20% All boots. Use discount code Holiday17      Walkaboot pet booties help prevent scrapes from dragging the toes. Also helps stubborn wounds heal. Walk...

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TAKES A BITE OUT OF FLOORS (2 boots per pack)  Get 40%off today Use coupon code Holiday17       JAWZ pet booties are used indoors on slippery hardwood floors...

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Stabilizes a dog or cat's joint to offer support to arthritic joints or sports injuries. These products are meant to support and stabilize mild to moderate joint issues. These products offer joint compression and stability to allow any inflammation to calm down. This will give the joint a chance to heal. In cases of mild instability, the joint is held secure.

The Walkabout Knee Brace. On Sale!

Take $5.00 off your order. Use discount code KneeSport          The Walkabout knee brace us patent 29/583,971  516213904-D*  offers stability and compression...

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Compression Sleeve 50% off today!!!

TAKE 50% OFF YOUR PURCHASE TODAY! USE DISCOUNT CODE HOLIDAYTIMES A Compression sleeve assists pets experiencing joint, tendon and ligament instability or ear...

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Carpal Support Brace. Holiday sale

Front Leg Wrist Wraps Take 40% off your purchase today. Use code Holiday17     Aids in the support of the carpal (wrist) joint just above the paw. A moderate...

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Elbow Support Brace

The Elbow support brace offers comfort to painful arthritic joints. Helps prevent elbow pressure sores (ulcers), offers support and compression for joint in...

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Hock Support Brace. Holiday sale

Back Leg Ankle Joint Stability Take 40%off at checkout. Use code Holiday17     Aids in the support of the Hock (ankle) joint. A 3.0 mm neoprene support wrap ...

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Chest Halters

Our comfortable chest halters work with Walkabout Knee Braces, Walkabout Back Harness and Airlift One with suspender attachments, and GrabAbout™

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Walkabout suspenders attach from the rear harness to a chest halter or Walkabout Front Harness. Keeps rear harness from slipping backwards "holds the pants ...

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Comfort Sleeves

The Comfort Sleeves        3mm padded Neoprene tubular sleeves that can be threaded over the knee brace straps to add extra padding to sensitive areas while ...

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Extra Handle Holder

I get a lot of requests from customers for extra handle holders, so here you are! These extra handle holders work with all Walkabout products.

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The Quick Lift Handle with a snap hook attachment that clips easily onto a pet's chest halter. Help your dog safely in and out of the car, up and down stairs...

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Shoe Goo

Use Shoe Goo to patch worn Walkboots Cover worn areas on walkaboots with this adhesive sole protector. Add to the walkboots in areas that are getting worn to...

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Detachable Handles

On all of our regular products you may ask for the products to be made with detacheable handles. Clips are added to the leash to have them removable. You mus...

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