Airlift One Amputee Harness - Back End
airlift one back harness on a border collie mix
close up of the airlift one on a cairn terrier mix
A Measure the circumference of the abdomen directly in front of the back legs.
B Measure the circumference of the upper thigh (back leg) at the point where it meets the body.
C Measure the circumference of the chest directly behind the front legs.
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Airlift One Amputee Harness - Back End

Back Harness

The Airlift One Back End Support Harness is a hind leg lift assist and mobility aid designed for cats and dogs of all sizes suffering from a variety of mobility issues, including arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal trauma, knee injuries, surgery, amputations, degenerative myelopathy, IVDD, and general fatigue. The Airlift One features the same design and function as the Original Walkabout Harness, but is made from perforated airprene material which is more suitable for warmer climates than standard neoprene. It also features adjustable handles, and extra room for male dogs to eliminate free-and-clear of the harness. Whether your buddy is slowing down due to age—or recovering from injury—this special harness lets you lift them comfortably when needed. It is great for helping pets to climb stairs, get into and out of vehicles safely, on and off furniture, or to provide assistance when going for a walk. Plus, using this harness can help prevent you from injuring your back when you need to give your furry friend a boost.

*All sizes are available for a pet with an amputation. Please note which side is gone when ordering.*

**Please make sure you provide your dogs measurements, the leg amputated and age, breed, sex and weight.

Product is CUSTOM so is a  non refundable item so you want to be sure of the fit. Include a photo for reference. 

Key Benefits:

  • Built with airprene for aerated assistance in hot climates.
  • Features extra long adjustable handles, perfect for shorter dogs and cats.
  • Offers more room for male dogs to pee freely.
  • Ideal for pets recovering from knee, hip or back injuries and procedures, or for managing your senior sidekick’s arthritis and limited mobility.
  • Designed to help your best fur-iend stay active and mobile longer.

Patent #330,273
improvement patents pending

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A abdomen 8"-15" 13"-17" 15"-22" 18"-24" 25"-29" 28"-31" 31"-35"
B upper thigh 3"-5" 5"-7" 8"-11" 11"-14" 14"-16" 16"-17" 18"-22"
C chest 9"-15" 13"-17" 17"-28" 22"-38" 27"-42"