walkaboots on elderly dog at beach

Measure across the widest part of the paw when the pet is standing.

tip: gently lift the opposite paw so the paw being measured lays flat on the chart

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Traction boots for all surfaces

Walkaboot pet booties help prevent scrapes from dragging the toes. Also helps stubborn wounds heal.

Walkaboots hug the pets paws and fit like a glove. Enabling your pet to run normally and not trip on a bulky shoe. Trusted and recommended by veterinary hospitals worldwide.

Walkaboots Lids can be added on to the tops of the boots for dogs that are knuckle walking. We add a sole on the top of the boot which helps to prevent abrasions and boots wearing out too quickly.  Select add lids in the order form below.  Lids take an extra few days to ship.

Walkaboots with LIds are for dogs with 100% paralysis that "knuckle walk". please do not order this product if your dog is walking on his pads

Walkaboot Benefits

  • Aids soft tissue wound management
  • Helps prevent scrapes and cuts from dragging the toes
  • Foul weather gear for rain, snow, mud 
  • Guards Sporting/Police dogs from dangerous surface
  • Rubber sole provides support and insulation
  • Water resistant and durable neoprene shell
  • Moisture absorbing liner to keep pet drier
  • Easy care: wash and line dry
  • Boots can be custom made, call for details

Measure the width of the paw at the widest point with the paw flat on the ground. Note: Please indicate when dog is non-weight bearing in the condition form field during checkout.

We also recommend Shoe Goo to help keep the boots from wearing out. Apply Shoe Goo to the area that is getting worn for longer use of the Walkaboots. 

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Paw width 0"-1.5" 1.5"-2" 2"-3" 3"-3.5" 3.5"-4"

Please note, if you have a short legged dog that has a slightly bigger than medium size paw select the Med/Large "short" boot. These boots have only one velcro strap and are shorter than our standard med/large boots based on a design for short legged dogs such as basset hounds.