Water Resistant Snoodle
Water Resistant Snoodle
Water Resistant Snoodle
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Water Resistant Snoodle

The Water Resistant Snoodle is made from neoprene material that prevents water getting into the ear canal during swimming.

Whether you are using it for swim therapy sessions or just enjoying a good day at the beach your dog can experience cleaner healthier ears. Prevent unwanted ear infections by wearing the Snood at every swim session.

Water-caused ear infections can come about whenever your dog is submerged in water. Using the Snoodle can reduce the incidence of ear infections by preventing excess fluid getting into the ear canal during swim therapy and recreational swimming activities.

Recommended Use

  • Swim therapy session
  • Surfing / Swimming / Dock Diving & More
  • Oral Care/ Dental procedures
  • Grooming 
  • Prevent Ear infections
  • Noise control/ Calming effect

To Fit: Measure the circumference of your dog  under the chin and around the ears, ear flaps down.

SMALL: 13-16 inches

MEDIUM: 17-20 inches

LARGE: 21-23 inches

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