AirBelly Lightweight Sling
AirBelly Lightweight Sling
AirBelly Lightweight Sling
A Measure the circumference of the abdomen directly in front of the back legs.
C Measure the circumference of the chest directly behind the front legs.
E Measure the length of the body from behind the front leg to the front of the back leg
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AirBelly Lightweight Sling

The New AirBelly Lightweight Summer Sling is the latest design by Walkabout Harnesses on our mission to increase breathability, performance, and function for all four-legged adventure-seekers. Developed with perforated Airprene material, which is intended to help pets better regulate their body temperatures, its ability to improve airflow circulation, and also to prevent moisture buildup. The AirBelly boasts several key features to customize comfort for both you and your pet:

  • Detachable Handles
  • Adjustable Strap Lengths
  • Breathable Perforated Fabric
  • Conveniently Machine Washable
  • Able To Be Worn All Day Long

The Airbelly Support Sling provides weightless Walkabout support from down under. The Airbelly is excellent for helping pets to climb stairs again, get in and out of vehicles safely, on and off furniture, or to provide extra assistance when going for a walk. Regaining mobility and daily exercise is essential for your pet to live a happier, healthier, and longer life with you. Plus, it’s simple design makes it easy for anyone to secure in seconds, just wrap it around their belly and back, fasten the velcro and go. Using this harness can even prevent you from injuring your back when you need to give your furry friend a boost.

Key Benefits:

  • Offers balance, stability, and lift assistance to large dogs, small dogs, and cats alike.
  • Provides weightless Walkabout support from down under. 
  • Easy to use, convenient design, and essential for regaining daily mobility and exercise.
  • Best for helping pets move about the home, going for walks, or accomplishing elevated tasks like stairs, cars, and more.
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A abdomen 14"-18" 18"-24" 20"-25" 22"-28" 29"-32" 33"-44"
C chest 14"-18" 20"-24" 24"-30" 28"-34" 31"-38" 38"-46"
E body length 3"-5" 6"-9" 9"-11" 11"-13" 13"-16" 14"-16"
Handle Length 21" 21" 15" 12" 12" 12"