Compression sleeves: Support for Lower Legs. ON SALE today



Compression sleeve assist pets experiencing joint, tendon and ligament instability or early fatigue while exercising. They are made to fit either the front limbs or the rear limbs. They are very helpful with reducing swelling in legs and joints. The compression sleeve is great for covering annoying sores also.

The extra support on the lower limbs helps increase blood flow and oxygen flow to the surrounding muscles and tissues. Compression helps recirculate excess fluid accumulation in the legs and paws.

Compression can help reduce soreness by increasing circulation and helping with arthritis by warming up the legs before walking.

They are available in extra small, small, medium, med/large and large sizes. Sizes medium and med/large and large are available in long length as well.









Compression jack front camo grande

  Help your dog stay athletic longer by wearing support sleeves today!! MADE IN AMERICA!!

You may ask yourself, Why would my dog benefit from wearing these. If you have ever had an injury, tired or swollen legs, the difference you feel when wearing compression products makes all the world of difference to you. It helps decrease the swelling in those areas by wearing compression, it increases circulation in the area and reduces chronic pain and early fatigue when wearing the support.  Even though your pet can not speak to you, the results will speak for itself. It is no different for them than it is for us. Tested and enjoyed by hundreds of dogs daily!

Lengths of compression sleeves vary.

*Measure 1" above paw joint and 3" above as well to get the range.

*scroll down on the order box to choose a size and color*



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