Walkabout Double Elbow Brace
Walkabout Double Elbow Brace
Walkabout Double Elbow Brace
C Measure the circumference of the chest directly behind the front legs.
D Measure the circumference of the front leg 1" above elbow joint.
I Measure the circumference of the front leg 1” below the elbow.
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Walkabout Double Elbow Brace

Now available in a double configuration for both elbows.

The Elbow support brace offers comfort to painful arthritic joints. Helps prevent elbow pressure sores (ulcers), offers support and compression for joint instability and deformity, and the prevention of hygromas (fluid filled inflamed areas) from laying on hard surfaces. Helps keep your dog ACTIVE LONGER when joint inflammation and pain becomes an issue.

This  3.0 mm Neoprene Support brace offers support and compression to painful elbows for dogs experiencing difficulty walking due to elbow issues such as arthritis.

*The Walkabout Double Elbow Brace includes two support braces and 2 suspender stirrups that wrap around the chest of a dog. Dogs can wear the brace during active parts of the day and the brace should be removed during quiet times and when your dog will be left unattended. The brace is extremely durable, soft and comfortable to wear.

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C chest 9"-13" 10"-19" 18"-24" 25"-29" 28"-36" 35"-44"
D 1" above elbow 2"-3" 3"-4" 5"-6" 7"-8" 9"-10" 11"-13"
I 1" below elbow 1"-2" 2"-3" 4"-5" 6"-7" 8"-9" 8"-10"