The Walkabout Support Brace

Light to moderate braces offered by Walkabout Harnesses assist with

  • Pain Management
  • Prolonged Activity
  • Quicker Recovery

For light support, the Walkabout compression sleeve is recommended for pets with mild arthritis or joint, tendon and ligament instability.
The compression sleeve fits just over the first joint and extends up the leg offering warmth, increased oxygen delivery to the muscles and surrounding areas and offers increased stability to the leg. The compression sleeve is also used for covering sores that annoy your pet.

For more moderate bracing we recommend the Walkabout carpal and hock braces. These braces assist pets showing signs of more serious arthritis or joint, tendon and ligament instability. They both offer extra support for the lower extremity keeping the joint warm and supported during times of exercise.

The Walkabout Knee Brace is great for dogs with mild to moderate issues with the knee joint. The knee brace offers help in stabilizing the joint in order for an injury to rest. We recommend discussing your pet wearing a knee brace with your veterinarian. Mild strains, arthritis and general wear and tear respond very well to this brace however torn tendons and ligaments should always be seen by a veterinary specialist to discuss options.

All of our braces are made in the USA.
They are completely soft and supportive and pets can wear them for prolonged periods of time.

It is always safest, when first using any Walkabout product, to check on your pet frequently. Remember to remove any and all braces overnight and when your pet is resting for long periods of time.

Please choose a brace type below:

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