Product - Detachable Handle

Product - Detachable Handle

The Original Walkabout Back End Harness

Take $14.00 off at checkout!               Use discount code Fall2018    The Original Patented Walkabout Back End Harness has been recommended by veterinary...

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Airlift One

The Airlift One has the same size and function as the Walkabout Back Harness. The Airlift One is made from Airprene (very helpful in warm climates). It inclu...

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Walkabout Front End Harness

Our front harnesses will keep your pet happy and mobile despite his or her injuries or age-related problems. Walkabout Front End Harnesses helps lift and su...

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Detachable Handles

On all of our regular products you may ask for the products to be made with detacheable handles. Clips are added to the leash to have them removable. You mus...

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