Our boots help prevent scrapes from dragging toes. Also helps stubborn wounds heal. Walkaboots and JAWZ hug the pet's paws and fit like a glove. Enabling your pet to run normally and not trip on a bulky shoe.

Walkaboots™ Sport Boots

Walkaboot Sport Booties are durable outdoor doggie shoes built for ultra paw protection against rain, snow, rocks, and hot pavement,sporting events or for wo...

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JAWZ Traction Booties (sold in pairs)

JAWZ Dog & Cat Traction Booties are specially designed anti-slip grip paw protectors that provide floor stability for injured and aging pets to stand and...

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The Toe'sUP Walkaboot

The Toe'sUP Walkaboot Anti-Knuckling Aid helps dogs ditch dragging paws by providing toe lift and knuckle support for comfortable walking assistance. The 2-i...

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