Product - Suspenders

Product - Suspenders

The Walkabout Knee Brace ON SALE!!

The Walkabout knee brace us patent 29/583,971  516213904-D* offers stability and compression to injuries involving the knee joint. TAKE $5.00 OFF YOUR PURCHA...

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The Original Walkabout Back End Harness

The Walkabout. Take $10.00 off your purchase today! Use discount code HarnessMobility at checkout! The Original Patented Walkabout Back End Harness has been...

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Chest Halters

Our comfortable chest halters work with Walkabout Knee Braces, Walkabout Back Harness and Airlift One with suspender attachments, and GrabAbout™

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Walkabout suspenders attach from the rear harness to a chest halter or Walkabout Front Harness. Keeps rear harness from slipping backwards "holds the pants ...

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