Product - Shoe Goo

Product - Shoe Goo

Walkaboots™ Sport Boots

Walkaboot Sport Booties are durable outdoor doggie shoes built for ultra paw protection against rain, snow, rocks, and hot pavement,sporting events or for wo...

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JAWZ Traction Booties (sold in pairs)

JAWZ Dog & Cat Traction Booties are specially designed anti-slip grip paw protectors that provide floor stability for injured and aging pets to stand and...

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Walkaboot Lids

The Lids are placed on the Walkaboots for dogs with advanced knuckling. This is when the dog has a diminished capacity to walk on the paw correctly and they ...

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Shoe Goo

Use Shoe Goo to patch worn Walkboots Cover worn areas on walkaboots with this adhesive sole protector. Add to the walkboots in areas that are getting worn to...

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