Product- Comfort Sleeves

Product- Comfort Sleeves

The Walkabout Knee Brace

Take $5.00 off your purchase. Use discount code KneeSport at checkout The Walkabout knee brace *us patent 29/583,971 516213904-D*  offers stability and compr...

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The Original Walkabout Back End Harness

Take $14.00 off at checkout!               Use discount code Fall2018    The Original Patented Walkabout Back End Harness has been recommended by veterinary...

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Airlift One

The Airlift One has the same size and function as the Walkabout Back Harness. The Airlift One is made from Airprene (very helpful in warm climates). It inclu...

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Comfort Sleeves

The Comfort Sleeves        3mm padded Neoprene tubular sleeves that can be threaded over the knee brace straps to add extra padding to sensitive areas while ...

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