The Walkabout Harness Front and Rear Combination Harnesses

  The Walkabout Combination Front and Back end harness used together is a great way to get your entire dog moving. Using the back and front harnesses in comb...

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The Walkabout Knee Brace

The Walkabout knee brace us patent 29/583,971  516213904-D* offers stability and compression to injuries involving the knee joint. PLEASE NOTE*, THE CHEST H...

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Toe'sUP accessory parts

Loop, Paracord,Toggle and Cuff replacement set.  Replace pieces for the Toe'sUP Walkaboot In the same size as the boot you ordered.

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Walkabelly Support Sling

These hand-held neoprene slings are lined with comfy fleece to support your pet when walking. The design and construction of the Walkabelly harness provides ...

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Walkaboot Lids

The Lids are placed on the Walkaboots for dogs with advanced knuckling. This is when the dog has a diminished capacity to walk on the paw correctly and they ...

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Walkaboot pet booties help prevent scrapes from dragging the toes. Also helps stubborn wounds heal. Walkaboots hug the pets paws and fit like a glove. Enabli...

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Walkabout Double Elbow Brace

The Elbow support brace offers comfort to painful arthritic joints. Helps prevent elbow pressure sores (ulcers), offers support and compression for joint in...

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Walkabout Face Covers (made in USA)

Keep yourself and others covered with the Walkabout Face Mask. Our latest generation of locally made Walkabout Face Masks feature increased comfort for prol...

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Walkabout Front End Harness

 Our front harnesses will keep your pet happy and mobile despite his or her injuries or age-related problems. Walkabout Front End Harnesses helps lift and s...

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