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Airlift One Amputee Harness - Front End

 Our front harnesses will keep your pet happy and mobile despite his or her injuries or age-related problems. Walkabout Front End Harnesses helps lift and s...

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Double Elbow Brace

Keep your dog active longer when joint inflammation and pain become an issue. The Walkabout Double Elbow Support Brace offers dual comfort to painful arthri...

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Double Knee Brace and Chest Halter

The Walkabout Double Knee Brace is specifically designed to support both knees in the event of an age or injury-related setback. It is estimated that 30-50%...

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The Walkabout Harness Front and Rear Combination Harnesses

  The Walkabout Combination Front and Back end harness used together is a great way to get your entire dog moving. Using the back and front harnesses in comb...

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Walkabelly Support Lift

The Walkabelly Dog & Cat Support Sling is a deluxe full body lift harness built for leg, hip, and back mobility assistance. These hand-held neoprene pet ...

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Walkabout Front End Harness

The Original Walkabout Front End Harness is a leg lift support and mobility aid that has been recommended by veterinary and rehabilitation specialists for o...

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