What is Walkabenefits?

You may have heard about our Walkabenefits program while placing your online order, through social media posts, or even right here on our blog.

So... What is Walkabenefits?

Since we first began over 35 years ago, Walkabout has always been dedicated to creating products that help pets live their longest and happiest lives in their fur-ever homes. At the start of 2022, we decided to extend that same love to animals in need in our own community.

Each month, Walkabout partners with a local California organization to raise awareness and provide financial support. For every order placed during the month of partnership, Walkabout donates $1 to the organization. We also accept direct customer donations in the form of tips at checkout, 100% of which are given to our partnered organization. To view a full list of our amazing partners, please see the bottom of this page or explore our Walkabenefits blog!

That sounds great! How can I help as a customer?

You already help just by placing an order through our website! If you wish to make a larger financial contribution, we have the option to add a tip to your order at checkout as mentioned above. For individuals in California who would rather give time instead of money, we provide direct links to the partnered organization's website where you can explore options to foster pets in need, volunteer, or help out in whatever capacity suits you best.

What if I know of/am part of an organization that I think would benefit from this program?

We always love to hear from the community and customers about how we can make a difference through Walkabenefits! If you know of an organization that you think would be a good fit, please feel free to call and leave a message or send an email to lauren@walkaboutharnesses.com


Walkabenefits Partners

Native Animal Rescue


Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

Max's Helping Paws Foundation