Max's Helping Paws - Happy Tails


Max's Helping Paws Foundation provides financial lifelines to pet owners with a pet experiencing a health crisis. Serving low and no income Monterey County pet parents in the midst of an unexpected veterinary emergency, this organization aims to eliminate suffering, surrender and euthanasia due to financial constraint. Max’s believes that owners should have a chance to make a medical decision based on fact not fear. They prove assistance for immediate, short-term and continued care to pets in need. After five years, Max’s Helping Paws Foundation has assisted nearly 800 pets and awarded close to $600,000 in veterinary care! Keep reading below to hear more about the happy "tails" that Max's Helping Paws has helped to create.


Meet Faith.

Faith was a two-year-old Yorkie who had decreased appetite, fatigue, and all of a sudden began to have small seizures. Doctors discovered Faith had a liver shunt in a very rare location and needed surgery. Her mom, Karen, spent months fundraising and borrowing from her own college fund to prepare for the surgery Faith needed to survive. After recently losing her own mother, Faith was a huge support system to Karen.

Thanks to the Max’s community and supporters, they were able to assist with the cost of surgery - removing much of that financial burden and emotional stress. Below is a photo from Faith’s “SpongeBob SquarePants” 3rd birthday celebration! We are happy to report Faith is home and happy with her mom to this day.


To learn more about Max’s Helping Paws and their impact on the pets and pet families of Monterey County, or to become a supporter of Max’s, please visit their website at As a reminder, Walkabout will donate $1 to Max's Helping Paws for every order placed on our website this month. If you feel inspired to give more, leave a tip at checkout - 100% of your donation goes to our Walkabenefits partners.