Tosh, the Chinese Crested

Aloha Cathy,

I wanted to thank you for my Chinese Crested Tosh's walkabout. She is only 5 lbs. and has the use of 1 leg, on her good days. With the walkabout she is able to take care of her needs. We even uses it as a brace for her back and it supports her when we pick her up. She wears her walkabout most of the time and can even be seen walking the park (swinging really) or just hanging off my shoulder as a purse.

Cathy, we would not be able to keep her with out the walkabout. She is happy and enjoys life because of this contraption. The vet is very surprised she is still with us and perky. You have given us more time to share with this extra special member of our family. Thank you for giving her the ability to have some quality when she is on her last leg!

Mahalo Nui Loa,