Thanks for all that you do

Hello Cathy,

It has been awhile since we last emailed regarding Jazmen. The darling juvenile chewed the bootie to shreds. We decided to wait until she passes her puppy stage before attempting the bootie again. We have full intentions of fitting her when she is older because the bootie really makes a difference in how she walks and runs. You would be surprised to see her now, even though she is getting heavier, her limp is not as noticeable. I believe that one big toe has become very strong and developed some good scar tissue. Jazmen runs like a champ and the only difference you can really see when she walks is the length difference in her legs. I hope that all is well with you and your family. You bring light to us pet lovers who want our precious ones to have a easier way of life.

Thanks for all that you do!!!!

Rhonda Hunnel
Dynalectric Company of Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada