Temple Ranch Hand


I want to thank you for a great product.  In short, I had a 12 year old black lab that had nerve damage in his spine due to years of hunting, which led to his rear legs not working.  My wife found your products online and we began to use the harness on him.  We rehabilitated him three times over a year and a half.  If it wasn’t for your product I would have been forced to put him to sleep the first time he lost the use of his rear legs.  You made his last 2 years of life much more enjoyable for both he and I.  I can’t express how much I truly appreciate your product.  I thank God there are people like you who have the drive to invent products for pets that help them enjoy life during injuries or their golden years.  I will recommend your products to anyone.  I could go on and on how much that harness helped out.  I hope I never need one again but I know where I will be getting it from if I ever am in need of one again.  All the best and God Bless-   

Robert S. Sanders
Ranch Manager / Wildlife Biologist
Temple Land & Cattle Co.