Sweet Bella

Hi Cathy,

I am writing with the sad news we lost our sweet Bella in September. She was a loving, sweet girl who fought bravely with the physical limitations she developed around age 11. Many others might have given up nearly two years ago and made the decision to let her go, but thanks to your rear leg harness she was able her to live an active, enjoyable life. 
She could bolt with her harness on and just a simple assistance from us. Unfortunately, over time, the rear legs became weaker and she put more and more pressure and weight on the front legs, until they also weakened. Her last couple days we lifted up her with a front and rear harness and she just fell over. She was a great dog and only now am I able to write you without being a total mess. We miss her terribly.
...Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving Bella  considerable more quality time with us and the ability to be mobile. We are forever grateful to your product.
                     Robin Bell