Pongo, the Golden, from Pune, India

Dear all at WALKABOUT,

On a sad day 3 years ago, Pongo, our Golden retriever suffered a sudden attack of myelitis. His waist, hind legs and tail was completely paralyzed. For six months he could not move and had to be nursed in house.

My wife ‘Aruna’ and daughter ‘Tamanna’ were his constant companions, physio-therapists and nurses all rolled in to one. Dr. Vinay Gore the vet and Dr. Ashok Bhanage the neurologist were his saviors.

Many internet searches later we found your site and my nephew in New Jersey sent a rear harness for him. The walkaboutharness gave him his confidence and interest in life again. He walked with the harness for the next six months. Exactly One year after his Myelitis attack he walked on his own. Pongo is 8 years of age now. He walks with a limp on his left hind leg. The right hind leg and the tail are absolutely normal.

Thanks for a wonderful invention.

Cdr.Dipak Naik

Pune, India