This is Pepper our 4 yr old Chihuahua/Poodle mix. She jumped off the bed (as usual) and we heard only one yelp.  You’re right she injured her CCL (ACL) ligament.  The leg immediately was being held up when she walked.  Surgery was out of the question right now so I needed to find an alternative to help her injured knee.  I was surfing the web for knee braces and came across Walkabout Harnesses.  I don’t know what made me open the site, but I am sure glad I did. I got in touch w/Cathy, who immediately got back to me.  That alone is a plus.  We talked and decided that the knee brace should help Pepper w/her knee.  I gave Cathy the measurements and of course Pepper didn’t fit in the normal category.  Her brace had to be tweaked.  We got our brace in a matter of 3 days (another plus).  When we put it on Pepper, which was extremely easy to figure out how, she immediately put her leg down.  Unfortunately the brace was a little too big and after talking to Cathy and sending pictures, Cathy decided it needed to be smaller.  She started work on the new brace right away and sent it right out.  That was even before she got the other one returned (still another plus).  Well, we got the new brace again in 3 days and as you can see Pepper is very happy with it.  She seems to wait for me to put it on in the morning and starts walking on her leg as soon as it is on.

I have already recommended a co-worker. Cathy, thank you so much for being there when we needed you.  You are truly a MIRACLE WORKER.

Keep doing what you do!!

Thank you,

Harriet Harber