New Leash on Life

I want to say how much I appreciate your Walkabout Harness product.

My 14 year old dog "Bowie" is now bone on bone on both elbows and is very limited in her ability to walk. She was even more limited this summer at our cabin on a lake in the high sierra's. Had it not been for your product, there would have been no way she could have enjoyed her boat rides. Getting her from the pier in and out of the boat with her Walkbout Harness gave her a "new leash on life."

I work in the field of human rehabilitation and products are available for human mobility but it was so nice to find your company and that you have created easy to use bio-mechanically correct aids to help dogs.


Dr. Laura de ghetaldi
Department of Kinesiology
College of Health and Human Services
California State University San Marcos