My Am Staff Terrier Duval

My Am Staff Terrier Duval has been plagued with problems- mostly allergies.? A little over 2 years ago, after we had finally gotten his skin and coat back to normal, we moved into a new apartment. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but all of the sudden we started to notice some little sores on his front paws.? We went out of town for about a month, they cleared up, and then we came back, and they came back again. 

They started to get worse, and we originally just cut back on his walks.? They still didn't heal and he was going stir crazy.? We started looking for booties, but the "cheap" ones fell apart after 3 walks, and the super heavy treaded ones we found just wouldn't stay on- they didn't come up high enough, they only had one velcro strap, and the velcro was irritating the pads near his dew claws. And they cost a fortune! One day I was out on a walk, and he just quit.? I glanced at his paws and they were raw and bloody.? I had to carry my 70 lb dog, with my other 50 lb dog still on leash about 1/2 mile home- in lots of short bursts.? I am strong, but I am only 5'2". (Actually what killed me was that he kept wanting to be put down, so it was the picking up and putting down that was the hardest work!)? It must have been a sight to see!

Then one of my friends from Best Friends Animal Society mentioned these boots she had found at for a rescue dog who had just had surgery and needed to keep her feet protected.? I checked them out and they looked great, and the price was good too!? Two years later, and we are still using your boots! His feet have slowly been improving- he has been on a cocktail of antibiotics, prednisone, anti-yeast meds, etc. over the course of the 2 years.? 

Right now he is drug-free (except for his regular skn meds) and he finally has fur between his pads again! There are still a few sores and some swelling, but the difference is amazing, and he can go on all of his walks and hikes and go to the dog park with his walkaboots.? And, the best part (to him) is all of the attention he gets!? Everyone stops and asks about his shoes.? Some people think he is a boxer wearing boxing gloves.? At the dog park, he is known simply as "Boots."? He seems to know the words "boots" and "booties" and "shoes" now and recognizes that people are talking about him. Since he is not a shy boy, he thinks this is the best thing ever!? :)

But back to the boots- they are very durable- he is tough on them and usually a pair will last for up to 2 months before the layers on the bottom start opening up or his toenails start poking through.? Because they come up high and are stretchy, we are able to tighthen them up over his "ankle" so they don't fall down. They can be washed when he steps in stinky mud, and they dry quickly in the sun.? We love Walkaboots.? Thank-you so much!


Peggy Kennedy
Fetch Pet Care of the Hollywood Hills.