Kisse the Cat

This is Kissie, my 3 year old Siamese Snowshoe. She suffered major trauma to her spine and her right hind leg was broken in 2 places while still in the womb. This resulted in little feeling in her hind legs and therefore unable to walk. She had surgery for the breaks in her leg. When she was 5 months old she began biting the toes on both hind legs. The neurologist was not sure if this was due to intermittent pain or just strange sensations in legs that have almost no feeling. The right one had to be amputated due to a blood clot when she was 7 months old. After recuperating from the surgery I began a search for a bootie that could be used to cover and protect the left leg. Up to that time she was wearing bulky bandages that made scooting around her special room difficult and were a hassle to replace. 
I contacted Cathy and after explaining the situation and sending her some pictures she immediately envisioned a solution to our problem. She custom made a bootie that works perfectly. No more dealing with bandages. Kissie liked the sleek design which allowed her to scoot around much better than the bulky bandages she was accustomed to. The neoprene slides nicely instead of grabbing the cloth surfaces that line her room. In spite of her infirmity she has always been able to scratch her left ear. The bootie makes it so much easier than a bulky bandage that was much heavier than the neoprene bootie with 2 velcro straps. What amazed me was Cathy worked from a pencil sketch around her leg and pictures and nailed it the 1st time !
I am so glad I contacted Cathy who made life much better and easier for both of us.
She is the best !
Also her cost is very reasonable, especially for something that is custom made.