I wanted to give you the latest update on my dog Kaylee. She completely tore her right  CCL the end of last August, and she has been wearing the Walkabout knee brace.  It is a perfect fit, and she wore it whenever she was out of the crate or not sleeping during the night. She had a follow-up visit with the vet yesterday who was amazed at her progress. The vet said most dogs don’t do this well. She said the drawer was no longer in her knee, and the pain medication was discontinued.  Now she only needs to wear the brace on walks. I was instructed to increase walks to 30 minutes, and to continue to crate her when I am not supervising her (while at work, etc).and carry her on steps.  She will see her again in 2 months.

Thank you so much for designing the knee brace and for offering it at a price that is affordable.  I wanted to share this success story with you and to thank you again for your product!

Lani Harris