I got The Walkabout Rear Harness and it WORKS!

material (like a wet suit) is stretchy, strong and comfortable. It is easy to move your dog around even with a large dog (and I am a not so young female with a huge dog). They can go to the bathroom with it on and you can support them to do so. It is easy to clean and dries fast. It is easy to put on and to use.  

I have tried the Bottoms Up Leash which was worthless on my 120 pound dog a few years ago as it just pulled his legs apart and made it harder or impossible for him to walk with it on at all. The Walkabout connects all the way around so it prevents this problem.   

My  110 pound female dog recently had a stoke and had paralyzed rear legs, and by the time I took her home from the vet she was regaining some mobility in her rear end but could not stand or walk consistently unsupported. I tried the Pet Zone Lift-n-Aid which is a wide strap that goes in front of the rear legs-this doesn’t work as the rear end that needs support just sags down-and it was so hard for me to hold her up.  

I got The Walkabout Rear Harness and it WORKS! Plus the company was so caring and helpful and they will even custom make to fit if needed. The harness is still like new over 1 month later-very well made. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE-BUY THIS PRODUCT or you will be wasting your money and you and your pets comfort. 

PS. My dog acupuncturist is getting my dog all the way back on her rear end mobility to the pre stoke condition -the medical profession does not really have the know how to handle stokes to full recovery (but I did have the vet do steroid drips and medicine at vets immediately and she is still on steroid pills) -so if you have an animal that has had a stroke, after the initial medical treatment, find a good acupuncturist/homeopathic to get full recovery. 

Thank you so much Walkabout for caring enough to make a great product that works so well.