Hemp Oil and a Brace! Oh My!

Hemp Oil is a GREAT choice for improving Mobility and enhancing Recovery in pets recovering from injuries.

Our choice for pet parents during early onset injuries is to recommend bracing or a support lift and combining with a good hemp oil tincture or biscuit!

At Walkabout Harnesses we recommend pure high quality hemp oils offered to support the recovery process. Although we no longer offer tinctures and peanut butter biscuits to our customers, we encourage all to visit Holistic Tails for the best quality options.

COMBINING A GOOD SUPPORT BRACE WITH A GOOD HEMP OIL and committing to 3 months of rest and recovery time for your pet should get most knee injuries under control.

Just ask Carlos! Grade 4 CCL tear, surgical recommendation. Carlos is not a candidate for surgery for a number of reasons

Treatment Plan: After 3 months of holistic tails tincture and the Walkabout Knee Brace, and 6 months consistent of bracing, now 1 year later and he's back in action!