Gracie and Grandma

Here is the video of my Gracie and my 82-year old mom, Shirley.  Grace was 12 when we brought her in for tieback surgery for her Laryngeal Paralysis issues.  They found a tumor on her spleen and removed it instead of the tieback.  It was benign thank God.  So 6 months later or so in May 2016, she went in for the tieback as her breathing was getting very difficult for her.

After 4 surgeries (2 failed tiebacks due to brittle cartiledge and a laryngectomy) then aspiration pneumonia while in the hospital, we thought she wouldn't make it...but she not only did and recovered (a long haul), she was like a puppy again.  Until November of that year when her hind end weakness (typical with LP) began to give her challenges.  She didn't care and kept pulling along and wanted to walk/hike daily!

A friend gave us the Help Me Up Harness which helped later on when she was more challenged by her rear legs not going where she thought and couldn't feel them really so she would teeter or fall.  We were not happy with the harness as it was really intended to help her up, but walking was so much better for her muscles to stay strong and her arthritis (along her back) to be less stiff.  Then we found the Air Lift Harness by Walkabout and it literally changed everything! 

We were able to walk her without much effort on her part as she just needed a little support and our backs were not sore from leaning over so much.  It also helped for the brief walks in the water (due to the risk of aspiration pneumonia she wasn't supposed to swim, but tell a lab that!).  It could get wet and not cause hot spots etc.  It was comfortable for her as it fit more like shorts rather than straps pressing into her.  We bought two so we would have a back up when one was being washed.

So there is a Facebook group for Laryngeal Paralysis pets (dogs, cats, horses) where we exchange information, research, support etc.   The most wonderful group of people I've ever met!  So after Grace passed away in November of this year, we decided to share her things with the group knowing how they helped her.  Grace's Gifts began giving away her things free and the only thing we asked in return was that they pay it forward by extending a kindness of any kind to someone else someday.  We started with the Walkabout harnesses and the recipients were thrilled!! 

So then we gave away her several pairs of Grippers Sox by and those were well received also--the two products would be a great combination of marketing etc. for a group like this.  We did a lot of advertising to them with the harness videos to help them find ease and comfort for their LP dog.  

Anyway, thank you for reaching out and making a wonderful product!!  We are very grateful!


Melissa Schmieder

Long Valley, NJ