Corky in Kalamazoo

Dear Cathy & the Walkabout Staff,

Our 11-1/2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Corky, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy late in the fall of 2001.  By early 2002, he could no longer use his back legs and was dragging himself around.  I was trying to walk him by holding his back legs like the handles of a wheelbarrow, and my  husband was carrying him in and out of doors.  We were both suffering from  back pain, and Corky was miserable, overweight, and very depressed.

Through a link from the K-9 Carts website, we discovered the Walkabout  Harness.  We started using it on February 5 of this year, and we want to tell  you how wonderful it has been.  Although we started out very slowly because Corky was out of shape and not very strong, three months later we are back to walking two or three blocks out and two or three blocks back every night.

Corky has lost the excess weight and is tremendously strong in his front legs and chest.  He can climb the back steps into our house with me holding up the  back end.  He urinates and defecates outside, even "lifting his leg" (in his mind only) on trees and telephone poles!

 We want to thank you for inventing and marketing this wonderful product. It  has added months, and perhaps years, to Corky's life and, most importantly, the quality of his life has been improved immeasurably. 

David & Gail Austin
Kalamazoo, Michigan