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PREHAB!!  never mind rehab!!

That is what our injury prevention line of products at Walkabout Harnesses is all about!

Using these products can help prevent unwanted surgery and help to stay ahead of  injury! 

Take a look at these highly recommended products guaranteed to help your Pet avoid painful injuries or even surgery.

the Compression Sleeve by Walkabout

Helps the athletic dog warm up their joints prior to running a demanding course. Saves the excess wear and tear on the joint with a 2.0 mm compression sleeve guaranteed to warm up and support the lower limbs aiding in quicker recovery. Keeps the joints warmer on colder days and is a great sleeve to wear during cooling down.

The Walkabout Carpal Wrap!


Prevent the early breakdown of the carpal (wrist)  joint  thru years of wear and tear, running and jumping and landing on hard pack surfaces. Prevent early onset arthritis in extremely agile dogs by protecting their joints by wearing this 3.0 mm support wrap. With our specially designed moisture wicking lining to keep the joints dryer, heat is circulated around the joint offering extra padding and support. With two additional Velcro wraps our heavy duty brace will absorb the extra impact when the landings are extreme holding the joint very secure.

The Walkabout Hock Wrap!


Save the rear hock joints early! Spring loaded joints that can fatigue early should rest after a long day with the extra support these hock wraps will add. Also created with extra padded moisture wicking 3.0mm neoprene. Padded for shock protection with velcro straps above and below the joint to add stability as well as impact absorption!

 The Walkabout knee brace!


   With so much time spent running and jumping occasionally an unwanted injury can occur in the canine knee joint. Stop the activity immediately, see your veterinarian to be clear about the details of the injury and have your dog rest and recover the joint by wearing the Walkabout knee brace! Our 3mm compression wrap is designed to stay on with our patented system of soft double straps and suspender. With a lower Velcro strap designed to add stability below the knee for added support our neoprene knee brace is healing injuries quicker then ever before. 

Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Use our support braces and athletic warmup gear to keep your pet healthy during their demanding outings.

We are available, at Walkabout Harnesses, to help walk you thru all the ins and outs of preventative care for your athletic dog, young developing puppies, and of course those senior dogs who want to keep on doing what they love best! Being Active!

 Keep Going!!