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YOU CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!! And Yourself too!!

    When the time comes that our pets mobility is difficult, we begin to explore choosing  support and assistive products for our pets to help them stay Active.

  This is a new beginning for a lot of pets and the pet owners. It also can be very stressful. Most dogs have never worn anything but a leash, cats, absolutely nothing at all.  


   So now it has become necessary to help our dogs (and cats) learn how to walk in the new support  device whether it is  a knee brace, Walkabout support sling, Airlift One, Walkabelly, carpal wrap, or Walkaboots

  Any one of these products offers a new set questions for pet owners, such as, when to put them on and how will our pets respond to them. How long can they be left on, can they use the bathroom comfortably. Etc.

    First of all, try to relax prior to putting on the new product.

Do not put it on and have a "Now let's go" frame of mind. That can overwhelm your pet. Bring treats with you, maybe put the product on while tasty food is being served, and do so in a kind and gentle manner.

    Remember, we are nervous for them too. Will it work, have I picked the correct product, do we know how to use it?  

All of this is new for you and for your pet. So go about it slowly. Carefully, And Relaxed. Just Breathe


   What I usually like to do is offer a little food during the process. Keep the mood light and take it from there.

and remember, if you are struggling with any part of the process call me or email me. 800-779-0439 or

  Send us a picture of your pet wearing  the product if you are wondering about the fit or if you have it on correctly. Try to be prepared to just wait until things feel comfortable to start moving. If you are relaxed, your pet will hopefully know it's all going to be ok.