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CONSERVATIVE healing for Knee injuries.

 Good Morning from Walkabout!

When your dog has a knee injury and is wearing the Walkabout knee brace remember to also restrict your pets activity while he or she is recovering. Usually doggy jail (life on a leash) is the best way to curtail bolting due to appearance of unexpected guests (THE SQUIRREL) and walking instead of running for at least the next two weeks is best.

 Keep the knee brace on during busy parts of the day. Keeping your dog on a leash while indoors as well as outside is really important to prevent sudden and unexpected moves.

   Walking forward and backing up is very safe while resting a knee injury, however quick and sudden lateral movements or abruptly jumping up can reinjure the joint. 

  Remember when fitting for a knee brace

 Measure the straightest side. If the injured side is non-weight bearing measure the uninjured leg?

  The brace needs to fit like a glove. The H measurement 1" above the knee is where we look for the best fit. Then we look at the other 3 measurements to be sure all other parts of the brace will fit your dog or your cat.

When healing any injury rest is a very important part of that process. Be the police of your dogs activity in and out of the knee brace. After a knee injury has healed up, your dog can be vulnerable to reinjuring that very same joint so be careful with how you choose daily activities for your pets. Have them play with dogs of similar energy levels. Prevention for the future is just as important as healing the injury today.

Happy 2018