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Happy New Year From Walkabout Harnesses, LLC

Support Harnesses Boots and braces

This year promise me when you buy products for your best friend be sure they have been properly tested on the pet population needing them.

For example, has the support harness you are thinking about buying for your beloved pet have a proven track record to not cause pressure sores  to sensitive areas such as the groin or abdomen, or put undo pressure on the bladder, causing urinary tract infections. Does the product support your pet in the wrong position? Too far forward, causing the tail end to drop?

It is very important the pelvis is held in neutral position and the back is held flat. No unnecessary arching.

Trust and buy support slings only from the experts.

Our company has been offering safe and effective products for 32 years! Safe solutions for pets with disabilities.

Many companies have tried to copy the Walkabout support sling but they have done so improperly. Be careful to know your product has veterinary professional trust. The 14 years patented lift aid.

Excess lifting on the front area of the legs can cause pressure sores to form. We use 6mm of padding surrounding the leg. Lifting your pet gently. 

We also recommend you rotate your hand position on the handles holding either center, off center forward or off center back. Rotate the position of support on the handles to not put undue pressure in one spot when lifting.

Be very careful that the companies you purchase from have the pets and pet owners best interest in mind.

I am always available if you have any questions at all.

Ask Cathy:  800-779-0439