​All of us who contact Walkabout Harnesses have a story. And it involves this incredible love for some canine (or feline) kid. I know in the case of my little dog Maggie, and her torn cruciate knee ligament, I was half out of my mind, despairing what to do. We want so badly to help these sweet creatures who give us so much love – and depend on us.
I can’t begin to praise Cathy Erwin – and her business Walkabout Harnesses – highly enough. She was stellar from start to finish. I’ve never experienced such caring from a business before. Walkabout is truly a business with a heart. Cathy takes caring for animals personally.
The knee brace really does stabilize the dog’s leg while the knee heals. And the price is more than reasonable. When I needed sizing assistance, or some added “comfort straps,” Cathy was there immediately. My Maggie adapted to the knee brace quickly, and I can already see a difference.
Walkabout Harnesses is a business that I not only trust, but will be utilizing again in the future. You can tell that Cathy Erwin truly has a heart for the welfare of animals.

Arlene Wands
Troutdale, Oregon