Walkabelly Harness : Comfy Padded Lifting Aid. ON SALE!

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The  Walkabelly Support Sling

      These hand-held Neoprene slings are lined with comfy fleece to support your pet with ease. The design and construction of the Walkabelly harness provides the balance and support necessary for your pet to lead a more active life when they otherwise cannot. Use of the Walkabelly can also help minimize the back strain that often results from lifting and carrying heavy animals. The Walkabelly can be left on for extended periods of the day. Please remove when you are gone.

A front strap with adjustable buckle helps hold the Walkbelly in position. This strap prevents sliding back on your dog. The front strap also secures your pet when going down stairs.

New: We now have extra harness handles available here 


Walkabelly Benefits

  • Quick to lift? Put it on in a jiff!
  • Helps prevent injury to dogs with overall leg weakness.
  • Lift and assist big dogs
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation


Walkabout handles are not adjustable. Each size will come with a set handle length as follows:

  • L,L,ML - 12" handle.
  • M - 15" handle.
  • S,XS - 21" handle.

 Please call us if you'd like to discuss custom length handles.


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