A Knee Brace: The Walkabout Knee brace


(chest harness sold separately)

(patent pending)

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    STABILIZES A DOG OR CATS KNEE JOINT TO OFFER SUPPORT TO AN ARTHRITIC JOINT OR SPORTS INJURY This brace is meant to support and stabilize mild to moderate injuries. 

* The Walkabout Knee support brace will keep the joint compressed and stabilized to allow any inflammation to calm down. This will give the joint a chance to heal. In cases of mild instablilty, the joint is held secure.

INCLUDE IN YOUR ORDER (see chart below for sizing details)


please measure your pet in the standing position

A. Abdomen

B. Upper Thigh

H. Measurement 1" above the knee

G. Measurement 1" below the knee

*the chest halter is not included in your purchase.

 Front chest halters in 4 sizes. See order box for selection*

THE WALKABOUT KNEE BRACE is made from 3.0mm neoprene fabric. It has 2 stirrup straps to hold up over the knee that fastens with velcro over your pets back. This allows for greater adjustability. The final touch is a suspender that loops thru the soft back straps and has a clip that will snap onto any chest halter at your own choosing. We sell the chest halter for your convenience, see order box.    For male dogs please check under the abdomen to make sure there is enough room for peeing. You must see a steady stream otherwise loosen the wrap over the back.


*For severe ligament ruptures and tears your pet may need a heavier brace to secure the knee.  

*Patent Pending


Walkabout double knee braces purchase one of each side and can be worn together 

  • Jack is wearing two knee braces



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