The Walkbelly Support Sling

  • Quick to lift? Put it on in a jiff!
  • Helps support dogs with generalized leg weakness and arthritis
  • Lift and assist big dogs
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation aid 
  • Senior Dogs Love the extra help!

The Walkbelly Support Sling is made from neoprene fabric and lined with a soft comfy fleece. It comes with support handles of varying lengths to help you walk your pet while standing upright.
It is made to hug your pet’s torso so they can receive a gentle lift from you. These harnesses can be worn extended periods of time.
The Walkbelly Support Sling is a very simple way to help your pet stay mobile longer.
All our slings come with a padded chest strap to secure the harness in place. This strap offers security for you and your pet when going in and out of cars and up and down stairs.

The Airlift Two Support Sling

This is the Walkbelly “Light” !
We kept the same function and sizing of the Walkabelly harness but used Airprene neoprene, a lighter and more breathable fabric to gently wrap your pet in. The Airlift Two is good for Pets that reside in the warmer climates, or pets that tend to have a warmer body temperature.

The Airprene fabric has tiny airholes to offer increased circulation
The Airlift Two comes with adjustable handles and a padded front chest support strap.

Please choose a brace type below:

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