Walkabout harnesses is excited to announce the arrival of the compression sleeve to our product line.

After a year of testing with veterinarians, there was positive results demonstrated in dogs with getting increased support on their limbs.  Dogs taking steriods for extended periods of time experiencing early onset fatigue of their lower limbs gained more support during the times they were on walks. This allowed for longer exercise periods and more comfort around the house.

     Compression sleeves offer support to lower limbs, protection against bed sores and preventitive measures for lick granuloma.

Order your Compression sleeve today........but never over do with your dog's exercise program for any reason and always consult with your veterinary professional before using any product.



Written by Cathy Erwin — March 05, 2013


Cristina Wenzl:

Hi. we have an 11 yr old English Bulldog with arthritis in his right front leg. He turns his leg in when he walks and is having a hard time walking around. Would the compressions sock help?

June 26 2016 at 06:06 AM

Cristina Wenzl:

I meant sleeve not sock.

June 26 2016 at 06:06 AM

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