In 1986, Walkabout Harnesses designed its first harness for dogs recovering from surgeries and other neurological conditions of the hind quarters.  The Walkabout Harness  support sling lifts a dog or cat and helps them  walk with handles held by the owner.  Two support straps vary in length according to the height of the dog, enabling the pet owner to stand straight up while walking their pet.

          The company has since created the Front Walkabout Harness for supporting front end weaknesses in dogs and cats as well as a combination harness. The Combination Walkabout is a front end and back end harness that provides support to pets with difficulty supporting all four legs. 

          Walkabout also makes custom products for ‘ difficult to fit dogs and cats’, and one of the most common designs is an amputee harness, either front or back end Walkabout, for pets missing one of their legs. 

          To complete our rehabilitative product line is the Walkbelly product, a full torso support harness, the Hoistabout, a light but supportive sling, and our full line of Walkaboots.  In 1990,the Walkaboots were designed to be very lightweight for pets with weight bearing problems. They are hand dipped boots that can be strengthened by additional dip and specially manufactured soles on the top and bottom, for extra strength and durability.

          Veterinarians and Physical Therapists that work with canine rehabilitation know  the Walkabout company knows first hand that these products speed the recovery of most post-op cases. If the standard products available do not fit ,we will obtain the pets dimensions and construct a product that will fit. We make sure that any pet that needs help wil get a product that can restore pet mobility with a Walkabout Harness.


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Cathy Erwin


Written by Cathy Erwin — May 29, 2012



Hi Cathy,
Good day to you.

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March 28 2015 at 01:03 AM


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