Often a dog will not fit in one particular size that we offer. For this reason Walkabout Harnesses manufactures HYBRID HARNESSES on a daily basis.

the Hybrid harness consists of features from 2 different sizes of harness. For example a Med/MedLarge harness is made to fit a dog with a medium abdominal measurement and a medlarge upper thigh measurement.  Hence, a  new pattern is made and the product will fit dogs that have measurements landing in 2 different size categories.

Hybrid Harnesses are made to the order of every dog that needs one. We use the measurements taken by the owner as well as a photo of the dog and size, weight, breed and problem to best fit each dog in need......

Next time you find your dog fits into 2 different size harnesses give us a call.....the Hybrid Harness is not any extra charge, it is just more customized for YOU AND YOUR DOG!!

Written by Cathy Erwin — May 25, 2012

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