Lady, a Shitzu

It's been a little over a week since we received the Walkabout harness for our shitzu. I wanted to let you know that it is the best thing we could have done for our dog. Lady is nearly 19 years old and has been having many issues over the past several months. One of the biggest problems is the apparent loss of her left rear leg. It was heartbreaking to watch her lose her balance and, for no apparent reason, her rear would go from beneath her.

The Walkabout somehow keeps her rear legs far enough apart so that she can maintain her balance and she can, once again, enjoy a walk around the yard. I have also recently had back problems so it was very difficult for me to try to help her by holding her up during the potty breaks. With this harness we are both enjoying a new found freedom.

Do you sell this item to veterinary offices?
I want very badly to tell our veterinarian about this item as I'm sure it could help a great many animals and owners.

Thanks for eveything!!!!!

Karen Larson

Pongo, the Golden, from Pune, India

Dear all at WALKABOUT,

On a sad day 3 years ago, Pongo, our Golden retriever suffered a sudden attack of myelitis. His waist, hind legs and tail was completely paralyzed. For six months he could not move and had to be nursed in house.

My wife ‘Aruna’ and daughter ‘Tamanna’ were his constant companions, physio-therapists and nurses all rolled in to one. Dr. Vinay Gore the vet and Dr. Ashok Bhanage the neurologist were his saviors.

Many internet searches later we found your site and my nephew in New Jersey sent a rear harness for him. The walkaboutharness gave him his confidence and interest in life again. He walked with the harness for the next six months. Exactly One year after his Myelitis attack he walked on his own. Pongo is 8 years of age now. He walks with a limp on his left hind leg. The right hind leg and the tail are absolutely normal.

Thanks for a wonderful invention.

Cdr.Dipak Naik

Pune, India

Corky in Kalamazoo

Dear Cathy & the Walkabout Staff,

Our 11-1/2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Corky, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy late in the fall of 2001.  By early 2002, he could no longer use his back legs and was dragging himself around.  I was trying to walk him by holding his back legs like the handles of a wheelbarrow, and my  husband was carrying him in and out of doors.  We were both suffering from  back pain, and Corky was miserable, overweight, and very depressed.

Through a link from the K-9 Carts website, we discovered the Walkabout  Harness.  We started using it on February 5 of this year, and we want to tell  you how wonderful it has been.  Although we started out very slowly because Corky was out of shape and not very strong, three months later we are back to walking two or three blocks out and two or three blocks back every night.
Corky has lost the excess weight and is tremendously strong in his front legs and chest.  He can climb the back steps into our house with me holding up the  back end.  He urinates and defecates outside, even "lifting his leg" (in his mind only) on trees and telephone poles!

 We want to thank you for inventing and marketing this wonderful product. It  has added months, and perhaps years, to Corky's life and, most importantly, the quality of his life has been improved immeasurably.

David & Gail Austin
Kalamazoo, Michigan

JB models his front & back Walkabouts

Hi Cathy thanks for the walkabout harnesses I bought last year they worked wonderfully, but I have to let you know that JB my Golden Retriever my beloved friend passed away last year 3 days before Christmas he will always be remembered I miss him alot, but thank you for your product. Iam going to send along a picture of him in his last days. Thanks again Jack

Thanks JB & Jack

Devon does her swim therapy in Walkabout Harnesses


Using the Walkabout products, Devon is making progress toward recovery from a spinal cord injury. She is shown here during a hydro-therapy session wearing her front and back walkabout harnesses...........Keep up the good work Devon! .

Ginger, a dachshund from Iowa, enjoys her back harness

We received the back harness for our dachshund on Sat., Febr. 7 and it seems to work great. Ginger has not been able to walk since April & this enables her to be a 'dog' again & get some exercise.

Thanks so much...Marsha Kjar, Iowa

Bravo, the St. Bernard

Hi - Bravo asked me to write and thank you for his new back harness. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago from Handicapped Pets.Com. Using it he can now go outside and enjoy the sunshine and the snow. It also helps him to be clean. With its use he is now regaining the use of his hind legs - not an easy feat for a 175 pound St. Bernard.

Thank you very much for helping to restore his life.

John & Dorothy Grasso (and Bravo)

Tosh, the Chinese Crested

Aloha Cathy,

I wanted to thank you for my Chinese Crested Tosh's walkabout. She is only 5 lbs. and has the use of 1 leg, on her good days. With the walkabout she is able to take care of her needs. We even uses it as a brace for her back and it supports her when we pick her up. She wears her walkabout most of the time and can even be seen walking the park (swinging really) or just hanging off my shoulder as a purse.

Cathy, we would not be able to keep her with out the walkabout. She is happy and enjoys life because of this contraption. The vet is very surprised she is still with us and perky. You have given us more time to share with this extra special member of our family. Thank you for giving her the ability to have some quality when she is on her last leg!

Mahalo Nui Loa,


Hoppy the Yorky


Happy “Hoppy” wasn’t always this happy. He was an abused, neglected little guy found wandering the streets of Manhattan, rescued from a shelter by Save a Yorkie Rescue, and transported to a foster home in Pennsylvania until we adopted the little guy. It has been a year Aug. 8th since we brought Hoppy home. It’s been a struggle at times, as Hoppy has a lot of traumatic and fearful memories to overcome. But with a lot of prayers, a new helpful, caring friend (Debbie Winkler, Animal Behaviorist), and a lot of perseverance, Hoppy is making remarkable progress. Somewhere during the traumatic occurrences in his life Hoppy had lost his left rear paw. Not that it has slowed him down by any means; he is a spunky little fellow who loves to go for walks. However, we soon found out that he continued using his little stump and would have it raw and sometimes bleeding.

We got him healed up and started wrapping the little stump with gauze and vet wrap when taking him outside. Unfortunately it didn’t hold up well and I started looking on the Internet for an alternative. I obtained Cathy’s name from one of the websites for handicapped pets. Thus “The Boot” was developed. I contacted Cathy, explained the situation, and sent her measurements of Hoppy’s leg. With each boot we would confer and make adjustments until 5 boots later we have a really good fit. Once Hoppy found out he could put weight on his leg and foot again without pain he was off and running! Literally! I know a boot sound like such a trivial thing, but it has very much improved Hoppy’s quality of life.

With all his heartache and pain in his little life, Hoppy is very slowly learning to trust people again. I was so glad to have found Cathy to help be able to bring a little happiness and normalcy into his life. He knows when I pick up that little “boot” he is going outside. He gets so excited he jumps all around, then sits still so we can put the boot on. Nothing stops him now, not rain, ice or snow. He’s even started going fishing with us in our bass boat (he even has a life vest with black trim to match his boot). Hoppy has become very dear to us, and has many friends who have helped and are still helping him along the way.


Sandy the Snow Dog


Just thought you'd like to know that I got the boot on Sat. We had a good storm on Mon and she got to have a true test with it. I have to do the velcro pretty tight but it fits and isn't coming off in the snow. I'm sending a picture for you to see.



I got The Walkabout Rear Harness and it WORKS!

The Walkabout Rear Harness is WONDERFUL and the only one on the market that really works for a dog with rear end weakness. The neoprene material (like a wet suit) is stretchy, strong and comfortable. It is easy to move your dog around even with a large dog (and I am a not so young female with a huge dog). They can go to the bathroom with it on and you can support them to do so. It is easy to clean and dries fast. It is easy to put on and to use. 

I have tried the Bottoms Up Leash which was worthless on my 120 pound dog a few years ago as it just pulled his legs apart and made it harder or impossible for him to walk with it on at all. The Walkabout connects all the way around so it prevents this problem.  

My  110 pound female dog recently had a stoke and had paralyzed rear legs, and by the time I took her home from the vet she was regaining some mobility in her rear end but could not stand or walk consistently unsupported. I tried the Pet Zone Lift-n-Aid which is a wide strap that goes in front of the rear legs-this doesn’t work as the rear end that needs support just sags down-and it was so hard for me to hold her up. 

I got The Walkabout Rear Harness and it WORKS! Plus the company was so caring and helpful and they will even custom make to fit if needed. The harness is still like new over 1 month later-very well made. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE-BUY THIS PRODUCT or you will be wasting your money and you and your pets comfort.

PS. My dog acupuncturist is getting my dog all the way back on her rear end mobility to the pre stoke condition -the medical profession does not really have the know how to handle stokes to full recovery (but I did have the vet do steroid drips and medicine at vets immediately and she is still on steroid pills) -so if you have an animal that has had a stroke, after the initial medical treatment, find a good acupuncturist/homeopathic to get full recovery.

Thank you so much Walkabout for caring enough to make a great product that works so well.


Thanks for all that you do

Hello Cathy,

It has been awhile since we last emailed regarding Jazmen. The darling juvenile chewed the bootie to shreds. We decided to wait until she passes her puppy stage before attempting the bootie again. We have full intentions of fitting her when she is older because the bootie really makes a difference in how she walks and runs. You would be surprised to see her now, even though she is getting heavier, her limp is not as noticeable. I believe that one big toe has become very strong and developed some good scar tissue. Jazmen runs like a champ and the only difference you can really see when she walks is the length difference in her legs. I hope that all is well with you and your family. You bring light to us pet lovers who want our precious ones to have a easier way of life.

Thanks for all that you do!!!!

Rhonda Hunnel
Dynalectric Company of Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

My Am Staff Terrier Duval

I have been meaning to send you a testimonial for a long LONG time now and just keep forgetting.?

My Am Staff Terrier Duval has been plagued with problems- mostly allergies.? A little over 2 years ago, after we had finally gotten his skin and coat back to normal, we moved into a new apartment. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but all of the sudden we started to notice some little sores on his front paws.? We went out of town for about a month, they cleared up, and then we came back, and they came back again.

They started to get worse, and we originally just cut back on his walks.? They still didn't heal and he was going stir crazy.? We started looking for booties, but the "cheap" ones fell apart after 3 walks, and the super heavy treaded ones we found just wouldn't stay on- they didn't come up high enough, they only had one velcro strap, and the velcro was irritating the pads near his dew claws. And they cost a fortune! One day I was out on a walk, and he just quit.? I glanced at his paws and they were raw and bloody.? I had to carry my 70 lb dog, with my other 50 lb dog still on leash about 1/2 mile home- in lots of short bursts.? I am strong, but I am only 5'2". (Actually what killed me was that he kept wanting to be put down, so it was the picking up and putting down that was the hardest work!)? It must have been a sight to see!

Then one of my friends from Best Friends Animal Society mentioned these boots she had found at www.walkaboutharnesses.com for a rescue dog who had just had surgery and needed to keep her feet protected.? I checked them out and they looked great, and the price was good too!? Two years later, and we are still using your boots! His feet have slowly been improving- he has been on a cocktail of antibiotics, prednisone, anti-yeast meds, etc. over the course of the 2 years.?

Right now he is drug-free (except for his regular skn meds) and he finally has fur between his pads again! There are still a few sores and some swelling, but the difference is amazing, and he can go on all of his walks and hikes and go to the dog park with his walkaboots.? And, the best part (to him) is all of the attention he gets!? Everyone stops and asks about his shoes.? Some people think he is a boxer wearing boxing gloves.? At the dog park, he is known simply as "Boots."? He seems to know the words "boots" and "booties" and "shoes" now and recognizes that people are talking about him. Since he is not a shy boy, he thinks this is the best thing ever!? :)

But back to the boots- they are very durable- he is tough on them and usually a pair will last for up to 2 months before the layers on the bottom start opening up or his toenails start poking through.? Because they come up high and are stretchy, we are able to tighthen them up over his "ankle" so they don't fall down. They can be washed when he steps in stinky mud, and they dry quickly in the sun.? We love Walkaboots.? Thank-you so much!


Peggy Kennedy
Fetch Pet Care of the Hollywood Hills

Temple Ranch Hand


I want to thank you for a great product.  In short, I had a 12 year old black lab that had nerve damage in his spine due to years of hunting, which led to his rear legs not working.  My wife found your products online and we began to use the harness on him.  We rehabilitated him three times over a year and a half.  If it wasn’t for your product I would have been forced to put him to sleep the first time he lost the use of his rear legs.  You made his last 2 years of life much more enjoyable for both he and I.  I can’t express how much I truly appreciate your product.  I thank God there are people like you who have the drive to invent products for pets that help them enjoy life during injuries or their golden years.  I will recommend your products to anyone.  I could go on and on how much that harness helped out.  I hope I never need one again but I know where I will be getting it from if I ever am in need of one again.  All the best and God Bless-  

Robert S. Sanders
Ranch Manager / Wildlife Biologist
Temple Land & Cattle Co.

I read your testimonials after speaking with you and receiving the custom rear harness you made. Coby my 10 year old Golden Retriever asked me to write you a BIG thank you! The care you took to truly listen to his needs and make the perfect rear harness for him was amazing. He suffers from a continuous loss of his rear legs and is battling cancer too. Our trips to the doctors to recieve his chemo have become quite a challange.
This wonderful harness will not only make that better but now we can go for our walks in the neighborhood again! Coby is so happy when I put his harness on he wants to show everyone...his wagging tail says it all!
Thank You again for helping the lives of our faithful loved ones...


COBY (and mom)

Otto the HUGE Dane
Attached are photos of Otto that I took this afternoon. This results after only two and 1/2 weeks are amazing. We have gone through so many attempts with my poor Otto this past year and one half. I cannot thank you enough for being "big enough" to refer me to Cathy at WalkaboutHarness....She has been fantastic....We are going to go to some ventilated boots which she will be making on Monday....

These photos should make you smile and give you a "Halo" for referring us. First two photos ...963 and 964 ...are of the right paw which was the really bad one...the last one, 962 is of the left paw which did not have as much damage.

Thank you.

Mary Kay

Tambi Rondinone

Dear Walkabout Harnesses:
I have been meaning to write to tell you what a lifesaver your rear harness has been as we have been caring for our dog who suffered aspinal stroke last year. Initially, we tried other harnesses, but your product has been the easiest and safest one by far for us to use. It has allowed us to assist him with all of his mobility and I don’t know how we would have managed without it. I just wanted to say thank you for a great product thathas allowed us to have more quality time with our boy.


Tambi Rondinone
Littleton, CO

My Beautiful Coby

Dear Cathy, My Beautiful Coby passed this week. We just wanted to thank you once again for the care in making his harness. He could barely walk in the end and we never took it off. Bless You from the both of us


If it should be that I grow weak And pain should keep me from my sleep, Then you must do what must be done, For this last battle cannot be won.
You will be sad, I understand. Don't let your grief then stay your hand. For this day, more than all the rest, Your love for me must stand the test.
We've had so many happy years. What is to come can hold no fears. You'd not want me to suffer so; The time has come -- please let me go.
Take me where my need they'll tend, And please stay with me till the end. Hold me firm and speak to me, Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time that you will see The kindness that you did for me. Although my tail its last has waved, From pain and suffering I've been saved.
Please do not grieve -- it must be you Who had this painful thing to do. We've been so close, we two, these years; Don't let your heart hold back its tears.

Coby and Georgea

Happy New Year.

Dear Cathy,
Irgo and me want to really thank you and your harness. How ever we are in Norway, but you as a angel help us to save Irgo´s life :) without you I really do not know who I could take care of him. Happy new year and with the best wishes for you.
From Leila and Irgo ;)


Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to let you know the we received the Walk-a-bout harness for Duke and it has been a Godsend! Not only is it helping him to use his legs, but it's saving MY bac kas well. Duke feels like he's regained some of his freedom with the help of the harness. He's even running using it! Thank you so much for your help.Your advice about the size was right on. Had I gone with the medium, it would have been way too large. Hopefully we won't have to use it for long! 

Gratefully, Donna DeGrau

ET the Alpaca

Hi Cathy,

Thought you might like to see a picture of an alpaca we are treating in one of your walkabouts. His name is ET and one of the four pictures we have posted to Facebook shows him in a walkabout. He is one month old and was born unable to stand. We are hopeful he will be joining the rest of the pack soon at his owners farm in WI able to stand, run and play with the rest of the alpacas. I understand from ET's owner they normally are up and running in a matter of a couple of hours.


Bummer the Cat

Hi Cathy,

Bummer is 5 years old now, and was injured when she was seven months old, She is a muted Torty Tabby and doesn't seem to care that she is different from other cats. She has alot of energy and a great spirit. Thanks for making the Walk-A-Bout Harness, it has improved her life daily. Thanks, Linda


Walkabout for an Old Lady Lab

Hi Cathy,

Just as an update, Buttercup had her 17th birthday on March 18.  Her little hind-end is so skinny that her Walkabout slips down when I'm not holding onto it, but I'm mostly holding onto it all the time when it's on her anyway, so it does its job.  It's a great product.  

I've thought about the suspenders you mentioned, but she has some laryngeal paralysis and the vet doesn't recommend even a collar and leash, so they probably wouldn't work for us anyway.  I steer her around by pushing very gently on her shoulder and standing in the way of a direction I don't want her to go in. 

Here it is after it slipped-down a little when I stepped away to take the snapshot.

This was taken on this past Tuesday.

You may notice that I don't use the grip.  If she's down and I lift her up, I do it with two hands and keep the hand-hold straps apart so they pull straight up and gently set her down on her feet.   

She doesn't look so bad for an old girl, does she?  If you look closely at her front legs though, you can see where they were shaved for IV's.  She spent five days in the veterinary critical care facility here a month ago for a GI problem and pneumonia.  They called her "The Indestructible Buttercup" as they had pretty much told me the consensus among the team of vets was that she wasn't going to make it, but bounced back and came home a day after they told me that.

Anyway Cathy, I just wanted to thank you again for your help.  You've made life for both BC and me a lot easier.

Big Woofs!

Tony Stalls
Arlington, VA 


Received the walkabout yesterday and used it immediately.  It was so easy to put on...not all those straps to adjust, just wrap, snap and go.  And WOW, what a difference it made in getting Chelsea around. Comfortable for her and easy for me. Just the right height and the size was perfect for her.  What a great product.
And thanks for all your help.  I have order items from other places that just sent the size I asked for without checking to see if it was right.  I appreciate you taking the time to check and sending the correct one.  It really saved me time and money in returns and reorders.
You have my permission to post this on your web site.  I would like other visitors to know wonderful experience i had.
Thank you,


Hi Cathy!
    I'm super excited that Charlie's harness has arrived already. What 
amazing service! I ordered some items for him from another small business right 
before ordering from you. My order status still shows "Pending" on their site. 
Not impressive at all. Thank you for all of your help to make sure I get the 
right product for my boy. 
to me
I just want to thank you from Barkley for such a great product. The harnesses were very helpful in his last week of his life. They made helping him up and supporting him while doing his business so much easier. I think he thought they made him look pretty cool also. Thanks again!

The Osborne Pack

I wanted to share with up my girl Dutchess. We just received the Walkaboot a few days ago and it is making a huge difference on our walks. I also ordered the JAWS boots for our slippery floors. Dutchess sustained a shotgun wound to her left femur as a stray around five years of age. Her left rear leg is functionally shorter and it slips out from under her, especially now that she is almost 19 years old(!). With the Walkaboot she is much more comfortable and confident. Thank you for a great product!

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